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Made for Ludum Dare 34

Snowblind is set in an eerie tundra, you begin with one modest logging cabin and must GROW your logging settlement by GROWING trees!

Plant saplings and wait until they grow into mighty pine trees or search for the ones already growing in the area. Harvest the trees for wood to build and upgrade your cabins or use the wood to mine rock which will enable you to upgrade your cabins even further thus producing more saplings!

Grow your trees, grow your village, tame the wilds, so far my best effort is a city of 132 houses!


W, S, A, D – Move Camera
Mouse wheel – zoom in / out
ESC – Quit game (no warning, it just quits!!)

  • Your tools are located in the top left hand corner. Select them and a tooltip below will give you details on each item.

  • Your resources are located in the bottom left hand coroner, keep an eye on these!

  • You can focus on your home by clicking the “Focus Home” button in the top right hand corner. Just in case you get lost in the tundra.

Unity – engine.
Photoshop CS6 – 2D art.
Visual Studio 2015 – code.
Maya 2016 – 3D art.
Audacity – Audio manipulation.
Corsair Vengeance 2000 headset – Mic for recording.

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