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Role: Game Designer

Studio: Sumo Nottingham

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch

Key Responsibilities:

  • I was responsible for Structuring Team Adventure mode (the Single player campaign). This included:

    • Designing the adventure map layout, ordering the races and making sure race types and tracks are introduced to the player in a considered and not overwhelming way.

    • balancing difficulty by deciding on how many teams are in the race and how dificult the track is to navigate.

    • balancing progression, planning out stars, star gates and unlockables.

  • Designing the Wisps (weapons) behaviours and balancing them.

  • Implementing the narrative scenes via XML, making sure all VO and UI elements are correctly refrenced and display at the right times.

  • Implementing Loading screen tips and Help menu via XML.

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